29 April 2008


'Greetje van Helmond creates visually delicate and materially fragile jewelery by growing sugar crystals onto cords suspended in a specially developed solution. The pieces deal with issues of durability and resource consumption, deliberately using a basic material to create precious, but extremely fragile, objects.

Van Helmond describes her project, exhibited at RCA's 2007 summer show:

"In present day life we can say that we consume a lot. Durable materials are often used for the production of goods that are typically replaced or thrown away quickly.

Contrary to this I use everyday, basic materials to create products that appear valuable and sustainable. Because of the materials I use, the products won’t last long, but long enough to stay “new”."

via food for design

02 April 2008


"For centuries Insect consumption has been part of the everyday diet of many of the world's human inhabitants from the Aborigines of Australia and their favoured delicacy of Witjutie grubs to the night markets of Thailand where crisp, fried Locusts and Beetles are favourite snacks to be consumed with an ice cold beer! We in the west have closed our minds to Insect eating (also known as Entomophagy) but In doing so have forgotten that these are one of the most nutritious foods available, higher in protein levels than chicken and cholesterol free."

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